First Aid in Schools

First Aid in Schools

Our Message:

Through this program, St John Ambulance Tasmania is reaching its goal of making first aid part of every Tasmanian’s life. Children always want to help and have a go. Through fun and informative activities, we will give students the life skill of First Aid. Children will be encouraged to act with confidence & help in the case of an emergency. Engaging practical actions, and easy to follow step-by-step plans are used to entertain and help the children retain these vital skills.

Our Aim:

The knowledge and skills gained in our First Aid in Schools Program will develop First Aid awareness in school children and contribute to building a more resilient community.

The St John First Aid in Schools program aims to deliver First Aid training to 10,000 school children for FREE to Schools or parents this year.

What We Provide:

St John Ambulance Tasmania’s First Aid in Schools program is offered at NO COST to schools including pre-schoolers, primary schools, middle schools and community groups (scouts/guides, etc.)

Our qualified trainers have and continue to visit urban, remote and rural schools across Tasmania.

Class Content

Prep – Year 2 Year 3 & 4 Year 5 & 6 Year 7 & 8
Who Can Help Who Can Help Who Can Help Who Can Help
Calling an Ambulance Calling an Ambulance Calling an Ambulance Calling an Ambulance
Managing Bleeding and burns Managing an unconscious patient Managing an unconscious patient Managing an unconscious patient
  Managing Bleeding and burns Managing Bleeding and burns Managing Bleeding and burns

(Upon Request)

CPR and Defibrillation (AED) demonstration CPR and Defibrillation (AED) demonstration
45 minutes 45 minutes 1 Hour 1 Hour

How It Works

Pending number of students, we would like to spend the whole day in your school delivering first aid to as many students as possible, across a range of ages. Remember, we are happy to visit for less time if that works for you.

How Can You Help

Every workplace should have available first aid supplies/kits and nominated trained first aiders. Is St John Ambulance your chosen provider?

If not all we ask is for the opportunity to meet. We are more than happy to share our industry knowledge and provide a FREE  ONSITE  ASSESSMENT to make sure that you’re operating within your obligations.

St John is self-funding and your support enables us to continue to deliver free of charge community programs such as FIRST AID IN SCHOOLS, so why not take up our FREE OFFER?


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How Can I Access This Service?

Simple… contact us and we can sort out the details:

Southern TAS: (03) 6271 0333

Northern  TAS: (03) 6343 4226

State wide:       1300 785 646 (St John)


Online Enquiries: please make contact below

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