The St John Ambulance G5 combines ease of use, reliability and advanced technology to support experienced rescuers through to first-time responders during a sudden cardiac arrest.

Research has shown that defibrillators equipped with real-time CPR feedback technology can more than double the chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest.

Since its introduction to the market, the St John Ambulance G5 AED has already begun to save Tasmanian lives. Having one of these devices at home or in your workplace gives you the greatest chance of saving someone from sudden cardiac arrest.


Offer available until 31 October 2021.

Simple, Effective and Ready to help you save lives.

The St John Ambulance G5 Defibrillator Bundle includes:

  • St John Ambulance G5 Defibrillator with iCPR + Ready Kit
  • Your choice of a:
    • Defibrillator Carry Case
      (perfect for portable needs) OR
    • Defibrillator Wall Bracket
      (ideal for a business premises)
  • Free defibrillator awareness session
    (at your location or ours).

How does it work?

iCPR technology uses sensors to monitor how compressions are being performed – including rate, depth, release and pauses. The defibrillator will then provide immediate audio and visual instructions to help empower you to provide the best CPR possible.

Why a St John Ambulance G5 AED with iCPR?

  • Intellisense™ CPR (iCPR) provides real-time feedback to help you perform the best CPR possible, regardless of confidence, skill level or experience – turning a bystander into a life saver.
  • Accurate rate of CPR compressions: The iCPR device helps guides rescuers on the rate of CPR with text and voice prompts such as “Press Faster” and “Press Slower”.
  • Ensures accurate CPR depth: Utilises a non-slip, motion-sensing disc placed in the centre of the chest to monitor the depth of compressions.
  • Allows full chest recoil during compressions: The iCPR monitors if the rescuer does not completely release the compression and will administer the prompt “Press Harder, and Fully Release”.

For more information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 ST JOHN (78 5646)