Roche COVID-19 Antigen Home Test – 5 Pack

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Results available in just 15 minutes.  This rapid antigen test for COVID-19 can help enable you to quickly assess whether you may be infected or not. If you test positive, you can immediately follow official advice on further testing and self-isolation.


Box of 5 Rapid Antigen Tests

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The Roche Covid-19 Nasal Rapid Antigen Self Test Kit provides reliable results for individuals suspected of having COVID-19. The Self Test can be performed by the general public, providing another option for decentralised testing.  A COVID-19 antigen test detects the presence of the Coronavirus from part of the upper respiratory tract swab specimens by identifying a nucleoprotein that is carried by the virus. The test identifies current infection during the acute phase of COVID-19, while the virus is still present in large quantities in the respiratory tract.    Store between 2-30° C until use.  Download Instructions

  • High test quality and performance
  • Faster results compared to laboratory testing
  • No need to visit a healthcare professional or schedule an appointment
  • Reduced handling errors and waste
  • Increased user protection – virus inactivation by extraction buffer after 2 minutes
  • Made in Korea – SD Biosensor Inc.

Kit contains:

  • Test Device (x5)
  • Extraction buffer tube (x5)
  • Nozzle cap (x5)
  • Sterile swab (x5)
  • Tube Holder (x1)
  • Instructions for Use (x1)
  • Quick Reference guide (x1)


The COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test (for home use) is intended for unsupervised testing in the home or other environment.

Negative test results do not exclude infection with COVID-19 (so face masks, social distancing and good hygiene practice must be maintained).

Follow current government health messaging regarding polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing requirements.

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