N95 Face Masks

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The Fangtian Foldable N95 NIOSH Respirator Face Mask is of the highest quality.  Designed to be placed over the nose and mouth to minimise the transmission of airborne organisms and contaminants. Filtering effect ≥95%.


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The N95 NIOSH Respirator Face Mask is of the highest quality featuring  adjustable neck straps and a flexible nose piece to ensure maximum face seal with a suitable face fit.

Suitable for health workers on the front line to ensure protection against small bacterial and viral particles. Also suitable as a dust mask.


  • ELASTIC HEAD BANDS Use hypoallergenic crochet elastics with a percentage of cotton and with the standard elongation that guarantees your comfort and total fit.
  • 2 headbands enable the perfect fit around your face. NOSE RING Located at the top end of the respirator providing a perfect fit and comfort regardless of nose shape or size of the user.
  • NON-WOVEN FABRICS N95 respirators have fabrics internal and external which are hypoallergenic and very soft for comfort.
  • Preformed fabrics that give it firmness to the respirator and an electrostatic filter that guarantees protection LOT Responsibility and guarantee for the user, complying with the Quality standards.
  • ULTRASONIC SEALING The FANGTIAN N95 respirator has technology very advanced, that fuses the fabrics by means of an Ultrasound sealing that guarantees safety and protection.
  • 4 LAYER FILTER WITH MELT BLOWN FILTER LAYER Electrostatically charged nonwoven filter to trap and retain particles up to 0.0725 microns before being inhaled by the user ensuring efficient protection.